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Terms & Conditions




  • We provide only 5 star certified crash proof crates, offering extra safety and a comfortable/private enclosed area with adequate size for your pet where he can stand, turn around, and lay naturally (a crate with excessive space relative to your  pet size may lead to injures during ground transportation). All crates have water drainage system (for better cleaning/sanitation) and most offer dedicated ventilation and private light.

  • All pets must be at least 8 weeks of age to be ground transported. The individual requesting or arranging for transport certifies that the pet being transported by PET WAY is at least 8 weeks of age on or before transport pick-up date.

  • Your pet must be healthy and at a normal weight. Pets with underlying medical conditions may be more likely to have problems during transport. Elderly and obese pets may also be at higher risk and in these cases PETWAY Courier has the right to refuse trip or reschedule trip.


  • We strongly recommend that you avoid tranquilizing your pet for travel, because it can increase your pet's risk of injury and health problems. We don't recommend shipping any pets within 48 hours after shoots or other medicine with the risk of causing secondary effects to the pet.

  • For short-nosed dogs and cats the last 2 points must be taken into extra attention before trip. 

  • Please have the Emergency Care Authorization questions box check when requesting trip on this website,

  • Rabies certificates ( just for pets more than 16 weeks)  available when your pet is picked up

  • A valid health certificate issued by a doctor of veterinary medicine is required by some states no sooner than 15 days before the scheduled delivery date and the certificate must travel with the pet.

  • Scheduling Pick-up and Delivery:      You will be given a 3 day window of time for pickup and delivery. Pickup or delivery may be outside of normal business hours to keep on schedule and to meet your needs. We cannot guarantee specific pickup and delivery dates and times, especially on our shared rides. All dates for pickup and delivery are approximate. We will make every effort to meat the dates specified by you, but there can be unforeseeable circumstances which affect the dates given for transport which can include weather, road conditions, acts of God, etc. If no person is present at the time of transport and/or the above described paperwork is not in order at the time of pick-up or delivery, we may have to continue without your pet. You may have to assume part of costs or a re booking fee..

  • Emergency Care Authorization gives us permission to take your pet to a qualified veterinarian in the event they become ill during transport. We will make every effort to contact you prior to seeking emergency action. However, if you cannot be reached to have medical emergency treatment approved by you, we will use our discretion to ensure the well-being and health of your pet.

  • You have to accept and be comfortable with the fact, the handler/driver may have to take photos and videos, with audio, featuring the individuals/parties and pets evolve with the transportation, as updates and to communicate the condition and wellbeing of the pets along the journey, some may be publish on social media, group messages and or be used as prof of delivery or pickup.

  • Scheduling - Length of Transport. You understand that there is no guarantee or promise made as to the length of time necessary to complete the transport of your pet. The duration of transport is determined by routing, weather, and traffic conditions and could potentially last up to 10 days. While this is rare, all efforts will be made to keep you informed and to keep your pet as comfortable and happy as possible. We provide transport services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will be provided with estimated pick up and delivery dates. We will make every effort to arrive at convenient times, however, scheduling changes and unforeseen delays beyond our control may occur.

  • DELIVERY. We will make every reasonable attempt to notify the person receiving the pet of our estimated time of arrival. If no one is available to receive the animal and/or we are unable to contact the responsible party, there will be a daily fee of $150 per pet for the cost of care and boarding. The party ordering the transport will be responsible for these charges. We recommend that alternate arrangements be made in the event the person responsible for receiving the animal is unable to do so. The receiving party must be available 24 hours a day.

  • Cancelations 3 days before pick up my be subject to a 250$ fee or a  rebooking fee

  • PET WAY courier reserves the right to refuse transport of any pet due to misrepresentation at the time of scheduling as to the pets ability to walk or stand of its own accord, or on a leash, and is of a size and weight that one person is able to pick up and carry.

  • You can only bring along with your pet only a small bag with pet food, toys, bedding and any supplements/medications.  We do not carry privately owned pet's crates, or dog houses for cats and dogs on shared rides, except when pet is being shipped to air transportation, and except for birds and other exotic pets.

  • We do not carry along your cat's own liter box, we provide one.

  • All pet are checked every 4 hours. 

  • Pictures, videos and updates will be sent at least once or more a day.

  • Crates are sanitized once or more a day (we use pet friendly and certified products only)

  • Adult dogs are walkout 3 or more times a day. Dogs with anxiety or advanced age get extra exercise time and walks a day. 

  • Puppies less than 16 weeks will not be walkout on public spaces. We proved extra exercise in a fenced mobile area set up in safe and clean ground only for lager puppy breads). Small breed puppies may be relocates do a sanitized larger transition crate for extra exercise.(all surfaces are sanitized every 12 hours, including all crate's interior surfaces and door, food, water receptacles)

  • Cat liter will be set up in crate, we provide liter box( we do not carry your pet's own litter box aboard in sheared rides)

  • Driver will share live GPS tracking link along the trip, starting before pick up till delivery ( due to network restriction this link may not  during some periods)

  • Driver will send updates via text message with pic and videos and voice messages at least once or more a day.

  • Driver may not answer your call or text right away for being busy, due safety reasons, due brake time, due providing pet care/pet walks.(please be comprehensive, cause driver is under big responsibility on hands, and need to be very focused) 

  • Updates and times will be provided by driver when he has that information updated with more accuracy, and it may be subject to changes due several factors. Please consider using the GPS tracking link to help you predict arrival date and time)

  • Pet handler/driver must wash and sanitize hands before and after handling any pets.

  • Covid-19 guidelines must be followed by driver/handler and any individuals interacting with transportation. 


Weekly east cost states economic shared rides 

No refund  from PET WAY payments  if you need to cancel after booking for these economic trips along the east coast.

(full payment due need to be summitted before pick up, and your booking will not be consider finalized till full payment is processed )

Booking confirmation form: Text

Booking confirmation Form

Pleas read & accept all terms & conditions      
(full payment due need to be summitted before pick up, and your booking will not be consider finalized till full payment is processed )

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