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Travel options

Ground solo private -one pet at a time 

Private solo pet transport solution typically will offer less travel time and the most direct route to destination. The mean of trasnport will by a car or SUV or minivan, and in some cases you can request a larger vehicle if you have more than one pet or for larger pets.

Image by Avi Richards

Ground  affordable shared ride-multi-pet transit

Traveling with just one pet is more expensive, but multiple pets decreases the cost and typically may increase travel time, Be sure you fully understand the limitations, restrictions, and regulations surrounding multi-pet transit.

Before traveling with multiple pets, consider your pets’ personalities. Shared rides are the most popular option, and so it may be a better option for your budget. Your pet will be safely crated or not, depending on your pet personality or your preferences, ensuring this way a similar level of privacy, safety, and comfort as a private solo trip.

Cocker Spaniel and two Golden Retrievers. Sitting together. in dog crate in the back of a

Air transportation

For longer moves, air transportation is another option.

 Keep in mind that certain dogs, like brachiocephalic breeds, may not be able to fly due to potential health complications. Large dogs — usually those over 25 pounds — must fly in the cargo area. Small pets may qualify to travel in the main cabin as “carry-on” luggage.

Another option is to hire an air nanny. Air nannies are professional pet transporters who meet your pet at the airport, care for them while on the plane and deliver them safely to you at the destination airport.

Dog in the aircraft cabin near the window during the flight, concept of travelling and mov
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